The Court of Miracles

The Miracle Court Theatre was founded in 2017 with the idea of spreading cultural heritage. Slovak puppetry has even been registered in Unesco and this is proof of how valuable it is for all of us. Professionalism, individual approach and lots of laughter that’s us . There is a really large number of touring theatres today. So why would you want ours? There are several reasons for this:

We focused on working with puppets, specifically marionettes. This kind of theatre is not often seen by today’s children, so we are trying to preserve it.

We play classic fairy tales, their stories you know from the rendition of Pavel Dobšinský or Bozena Nemcova. In our opinion, these tales are understandable and have a clear message. By turning to traditional fairy tales, we are contributing to the preservation of our intangible cultural wealth – building it in young audiences and reviving it in older audiences.

The stage of our theatre is made of honest wood (that’s why it takes time to build it, in preparation class). For your money you get a theatre that not only looks like a theatre, but with its “small building” is one. Your children can experience the feeling of being in a real theatre, which contributes to the so-called. theatre literacy.

The duration of our stories is individual, ranging from 25-35 minutes. We chose this range after previous experience with children’s productions. The sustainability of a child’s maximum attention span for 35 minutes is scientifically proven and is the upper limit.