Lukas Zvara

Lukáš Zvara is an important figure on the Slovak theatre scene and his work as a theatre principal is invaluable. This talented man, who is sometimes said to be a kind of “magical being” of the theatre, brought an unrepeatable atmosphere, creativity and energy to the Slovak theatre scene.

As the theatre’s principal, Zvara is responsible for the overall running and administration of the theatre, which encompasses a number of tasks. He is something like the captain of the ship, who must oversee the overall direction of the theatre and ensure that all its parts work together in harmony. His responsibilities include everything from coordinating the production and installation of shows, managing actors, directors and other staff, to the financial management of the theatre.

But Lukáš Zvara is much more than just a theatre administrator. He is a true magician of theatre who can bring unprecedented creativity and innovation to the stage. His ability to combine traditional theatrical techniques with modern elements while preserving the soul and heart of the performing arts is unique.

It is sometimes said that Zvara is like a “magical creature” of the theatre. This comparison comes not only from his ability to create magical moments on stage, but also from his exceptional ability to bring people together and create a strong and cohesive theatre community. He is someone who can sense what the audience wants and needs to see, and then turn it into reality on stage.